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A Huge Success!!

The 1st Annual Cornhole Tournament was legit! 

Thank you to all the families and friends who came out and played a part in this awesome Cornhole Tournament. 

This raised a lot of funds for the baseball program and everyone who participated in the tournament, food and raffle had a great time!

It's time to Pre-Order Christmas Trees

Tesoro Baseball's Christmas Tree Fundraiser

Support a player and the whole Tesoro Baseball program  by ordering a Christmas tree, wreath or garland. 

Delivery is available at check out. All deliveries will be set for Saturday, December 8th. 

Fall Game Schedules

Fall Game Schedules

All Fall Game schedules are available to download. Games and events will also appear on the calendar and any last minute changes will be made on the calendar as well. 

Please check here on all game days to see if there have been any changes in the times or locations. 

Results from this Year's Tryouts

Thank you to all the players who came to tryouts. 

Congratulations to the following players:


Zach Pehrson, Mason Kuppinger, Mason Kellerman, Justin Simard, Trent Casey; Josh Ferry, Brandon Wooley, Logan Poyner, Seth Wood, Luke Smaldino, Hunter Sablatura, Javin Lancioni, Luke Roecker, Riley Dusthimer, Matt Cole, Kevin McCaffery, Colton Dahl, Chris Adams, Chris Nagoya 

Banner Sales

Banner Sales – Realtors, Dentist, Restaurants, Banks, Insurance, Construction

We love our local businesses and we do everything we can to support those who support us! 

If you have a business looking for a way to promote your brand and enjoy a tax deductible marketing plan, this is your chance to be visible have your advertisement at the snack bar, batting cages or outfield fence. 

Banners stay up throughout the year and are seen by Tesoro Baseball players, parents, friends and families as well as travel ball baseball clubs that use the fields. 

Download the Tesoro Baseball Banner Sales Form or purchase through our on-line store. 

Donations to the Program

The Tesoro Baseball program can always use additional funds for things like field maintenance, baseballs and other important baseball equipment.  If you would like to send in a much appreciated donation, click here to take you to a tax deductible form on our online store. 

Games & Events

Games will appear on the calendar but you can also download the 2018 Fall schedule on the files and resources page.

No upcoming events.

Program donations accepted throughout the year

The Tesoro Baseball program is funded entirely by fundraisers and donations.

Your help will greatly appreciated and applied directly to the program.

Tesoro Baseball Banner Sale

New products are coming soon!

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